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Corriere del Giorno
Rossini’s opera, proposed at the 26th edition of “Valle d’Itria Festival” at Martina Franca (Italy)
Othello, or the jealousy in person
Jose Minevrini
Greatness of the music forces to forget the modesty of the verses. 

Irene Ratiani, powerful soprano in the role of Othello, the face painted in black as it should be, the robust completion, all these have not turned the hero feminine, but have added the great scenic and vocal personality to him thanks to the brilliant and magnificent voice in upper notes and to the great dramatic dignity. 


Corriere Adriatico
The proposed program totally of Puccini
Mirella Utizi Ruta 

The superb interpretation by the Georgian soprano with warm and solid voice has reached the culmination in “Mi chiamano Mimì”.

The inborn sensibility of Giaccomo Puccini towards the feminine characters, to which he renders his own voice and sentiments, already comprehended by Arturo Toscanini, had repercussions in the warm notes of Irine Ratiani who, without the scenic costumes and backgrounds, has revived completely delicate and painful magic of the Puccini theater.


A woman in the cloths of Moor of Venice revives the masterpiece of Rossini well contemplated by Arrivabeni
Festival “Valle d’Itria”, “Othello” with two finals
Gabriella Fumarola 

Praise to the singers, who have revived the famous story of the Shakespearian inspiration.
In the role of the Moor the soprano Irine Ratiani performs with the vocal and scenic ability - love and jealousy of Othello.

May, the month of music
Gabriele Cesaretti 

Rare hearing of Donizetti’s “Vivi ingrato” from Roberto Devereux has been presented. The page has been rendered famous in our century by different Prima Donnas, which have revived the bright singing and thrilling lyricism. Currently, not rendering to the famous paragons, it might be said that Irine Ratiani has protected herself in a rather honored manner:  irresistible recitative (“E Sara in questi”), which has been performed with self-confidence and personality; the “cantabile” has been affronted with the touching lyricism, the increasing tension and the secured upper notes. Therefore, the interpretation is by all means fascinating.


Academy, among operas and concerts...
Gabriele Cesaretti 

Once more Irine Ratiani proved her talent and brilliant voice, having resolved the challenging extracts from “The Sorrowful Mother stood” by Rossini,  the performance full of dignity and personality.  

Corriere del Giorno
Success of the symphonic concert at Martina
A “Magic Pipe Player” has overwhelmed the tourists
Francesco Mazzotta 

The Georgian soprano, Irina Ratiani, splendid interpreter of recitative and aria for soprano and orchestra “Ah, perfido! Per pietà” by Beethoven introduces the powerful symphony n.1 in do major scale op.21 of the German musician, driving the audience towards the typical Austrian symphonic art.


Corriere degli Spettacoli
When the poetry produces the music... in case of Garcia Lorca
Francesco Mazzotta 

The most pleasant surprise was to have the opportunity to hear again the “Canciònes populares antiguas” of Lorca, one of those evenings at Martina Franca in the crowded monastery yard of San Domenico, in delicious and passionate interpretation of young soprano Irine Ratiani.

It was impossible to forget about Manuel de Falla, who has influenced a lot the musical formation of Garcia Lorca and his “Seven Popular Spanish Songs”, performed in a splendid way by Irine, who year after year appears more and more mature.


Georgian University
Gvantsa Gogoladze 


The pages of the world history know everything... You can see everything here; meet just anyone, read out the name of any country... Perhaps all of you will be happy to see a Georgian there. Do not be surprised in case you read out the name “Irine Ratiani” in that great book of the world. She is the only woman who has sung the part of Othello (G. Rossini “Othello”) in 20th century. Yes, she is one of those people who has written the name of Georgia on the pages of that book, and that makes the world remember our existence. 


Reppublica of Georgia
Concert Fireworks
Zurab Oikashvili

A distinguiched artistic intuition, refined musical taste and harmony. Irine Ratiani - the rarely talented singer.


Paris - The City of Desires
Rino Alessi 

The young soprano - Irene Raiani just arrived from Italy to represent her brilliant voice to Anna Caterina Antonacci who, suffering from laryngitis has limited to render her slim and elegant figure and her masterly execution, always very intense and never banal to the tragedy of Medea. In the end, there are people who have defined it as the "karaoke" of lyrics, which is very often adopted nowadays. As the result this particular case have been revealed and rated as the glorious one: Ratiani who has been singing at the left side of the scene and has been assisted by the "chef de chanto" of the performance Robert Gonella, has been inserted well enough into the impeccable execution governed by Evelino Pidò. Besides, having revealed the competence and the intensity with which she has affronted the aria from the first act, so much demanding one as "De' tuoi figli la madre" can be, it would be nice to hear her again in the future.


Bravo, bravissimo, bravo!
Irma Ratiani

I am in a hurry, I am in a terrible hurry, as this very evening is the most important and significant; this evening my dream will come true – today, on November 12, at the Shibuia Center, in the blinding Bunkamura Concert Hall will sing the young Georgian soprano Irine Ratiani, and thanks to God’s good will – she is my sister...

In July, 1997 in the town of Busseto in Italy the competition for opera singers “Le Voci Verdiane” was held, in which Irine Ratiani has conquered the brilliant victory and now she is here. The audience meets Irine with special ovations; Japanese love the winners indeed...

... Last accords, Irine’s dramatic forte and... The greetings of “Bravo!” have exploded into the concert hall crowded by 3000 people... “Bravo! Bravissimo! Bravo!” – The overwhelmed Japanese audience could not hide their excitement, the members of the orchestra stood still and rendered ovations to the Georgian soprano.

“It is brilliant!”, “Incomparable!”, “The future raising star of the opera world!”


Paradigms of chamber music
Marina Kavtaradze 

Irine Ratiani -  a broad repertoire, remarkable professionalism and ability to channel psychological aspects of words to the audience as well as the masterfully created images. 


Russian Club
Sunny Gift of Gods
Nino Tsitlanadze 

The special exam has been passed by Irine Ratiani, who has brilliantly performed the vocal cycle of Prokofiev in which the talent of the great author of fairy tales has been interlaced with the talent of the great composer. “The last duckling was very ugly” – with this phrase the eyes of the performer emanate with pity and compassion. Several minutes later Irene retells to the audience the magic story of the change, happened to the ugly duckling. And this story is rather convincing thanks to the outstanding voice and technique of the singer. The picturesque and poetical nature of the fairy tale is increased by the virtuous duet of Irine Ratiani  and Victoria Tchiaplinskaya. And it seems that there are no opera theatre walls existing any more, but there is the thoughtful mother telling the beautiful fairy tale to her little child before falling asleep. Effectiveness, activities and inspiration, crystal lyricism of the performance make one immerse into the world, where kindness and warmth reign. This is all Prokofiev.

The audience has been delighted by the touching nature of Ratiani who “sings in Georgian with the Italian accent”. Chamber pieces of art require particularly careful performance from the singers. Here the fullness and the brilliance of sounding are necessary.

Vazha Azarashvili: “Irine Ratiani – is the outstanding singer. To the date we have known her as the opera diva, but today she expressed herself in an impeccable way in the chamber genre also. Irene is the subtle musician. The “Ugly duckling” of Prokofiev is the most difficult composition and in order to execute it in a proper mode, one should be a master. Ratiani has succeeded.”

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